Diligence and Patience

Creating anything on iMovie requires a ton of patience. Mostly because its attempt to have a user friendly interface just results in a laggy, crash prone program. HOWEVER, I cannot bash iMovie too hard because it is what taught me how to edit videos in the first place.

Today I spent a lot of time trying to establish the length of my video. The cut is going to be about as long as the song, if not a few seconds longer (I haven’t decided if I’ll put a clip of audio that either pauses the music, or plays as the music subsides). I added a few clips from 50 First Dates and Finding Nemo, which I hadn’t yet incorporated. The biggest challenge of this video is trying to put an even amount of each film in the supercut. I think I’m going to try to focus more on the flow than on even distribution of films…

Another big thing I spent a lot of time working on was searching for audio clips I could play over the music that would tie the theme together, and explain the purpose of the video more clearly.

For next class, I’m going to finish up the video, tightening most of the clips and incorporating more “stock” type footage that is found within these movies. Examples of this type of footage includes shots of notebooks, shots of passports, shots of eyes closing, etc. This ideally will allow the viewer to think more about the perspective of the characters, instead of who the actual characters are.


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