Storyboard Draft

Here’s a rough, rough version of my Storyboard. When it comes to editing videos like super cuts, it’s hard to plan as there are always little scenes or snippets that I want to incorporate last minute that I would have forgotten about otherwise. However, here is an idea of how the structure will be:

Title Card: I Can’t Remember

PART ONE: Intro sequence – events that cause the memory loss

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — Joel entering the machine
  • The Vow — car accident
  • The Hangover — drinking/partying
  • The Notebook — the kids come to visit, Noah insists on staying to help her remember

PART TWO: Realizing memory has been lost

  • Memento — “where am I?” “who is she?”
  • Eternal Sunshine — Elijah Wood coming up to Joel in the car, “what are you doing here?”
  • The Vow — waking up in the hospital, “Doctor, am I going to be okay?”
  • Fight Club — realizing he is Tyler Durden
  • The Hangover — waking up the next day

*** Sequence of confused looks among characters in all movies **

PART THREE: Struggling to regain memory

  • Memento — looking in the mirror at tattoos
  • The Hangover — trying to gather details from the night
  • Eternal Sunshine — dream-like sequence, trying to go back and hold on to memories
  • The Notebook — “That, she is playing from memory” (Old Noah to doctor about Old Allie)

PART FOUR: Resolutions – regaining memory, or being content with loss of memory

  • Fight Club — watching the city blow up, holding HBC hand
  • Eternal Sunshine — “We should try this again”
  • Memento — “I don’t care if I don’t remember the revenge, I deserve it”

Movies I need to watch this weekend in order to incorporate:

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Bourne Identity
  • Shutter Island
  • The Butterfly Effect

One thought on “Storyboard Draft

  1. Amanda,
    Still a very general sketch of the project and I have no doubt it’ll begin taking better shape once you start editing.

    Some comments to keep in mind:
    I wonder what will help your viewer frame all these ideas together (a helpful title? is the “I Can’t Remember” meant to frame the entire project?) as well as what will mark the transitions between these sections (or not, as the case may be). What I think still needs some work (or what will need to be made clear somehow as you begin working on this project) is what you want your viewer to take away from your video; it seems to follow a narrative but from our talks you seemed to be wanting to showcase how “memory” is represented on screen (something that’s lost here though maybe you’ve shifted gears).


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