For my final project, my video is going to be a super cut of several films demonstrating how films often use the manipulation of memories as a plot device. In other words, I want to show how films are presenting situations where memory has been altered or lost in some way. I plan on creating a super cut, however, I’m unsure how I will really show how memory is altered. I may need a few title cards or voiceovers, but ideally, I would like the super cut to speak for itself. I’ve been in the process of watching films that have been suggested by classmates and friends. Thus far, the movies involved will be Eternal Sunshine, 500 Days of Summer, The Notebook, Memento, The Butterfly Effect, The Vow, Fight Club, Vertigo, and Shutter Island. This list is certainly not finalized, because as I watch some of the films I’m finding that some work, while others don’t. Even further, some inspire me to check out other films that may be more pertinent.

I will need a copy of each of these films to work with and edit down the relevant clips using iMovie. I find that Final Cut Pro is really only useful for videos that have been recorded by myself. When ripping video from movies, iMovie is much more simple and practical.  My target audience will be just about anybody who enjoys films. The goal of this project is to show how vital the role of consciousness is in the plot of most films.

I’m really open to ANY suggestions anyone has for me! I’m excited for this project..

Additionally: which skills and software tools would you like to have a better handle on?
What do you expect to work on in each of the coming weeks? (TIMELINE)
Any help/feedback you’d like from your peers or myself?


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