Duet Commentary

This is the commentary Jodiann, Leshaun, and I have done on Glen Keane’s “Duet.”


Hi, we’re Jodiann, Amanda, and Lashaun, and this is our personal commentary and analysis on Glen Keane’s “Duet”.

Notice how it starts out silent but then slowly eases into the main music as a tiny star appears. It slowly grows into what I see as a single egg cell rapidly dividing until eventually it turns into an adorable baby girl.

From here, you can really see how Glen Keane began this short film literally from the beginning of time—at first just for Mia and then for the baby boy she meets.

This is her very first friend and the future love of her life still crawling on all fours. He has a dog who becomes the third protagonist in this plot.

Just like Mia and the boy, the dog starts out as a playful puppy that constantly accompanies and supports the boy even as he takes his first few steps into a new world.

In contrast however, Mia takes her own first step alone and falls down. Yet she still manages to stand up independently, and I glimpse the perseverance Mia develops when she confidently strides forward on the path of becoming a graceful ballerina.

In this scene Keane shows in the simplest and purest form the beauty a child goes through during adolescence.

You can see in the elegant yet free form of her dancing, the innocence of childhood. As she is becoming a young woman her life is intertwined with a young man who is also coming into his own.

The emotion is almost palpable as they stare lovingly at each other atop the tree. As she leaps off the tree into the water, this action again gives the depiction of freedom and having her whole life ahead of her a she is growing into a beautiful woman.

He finally seems to see her, and he’s looking at her, but again, his dog seems to steal the show. He doesn’t want to leave her, but, he has to. So she just moves on on her own, and she’s by herself, and she’s dancing with her freedom, so elegantly. You can tell that this sequence here is going to be great because there’s so much going on.

Clearly, the story is picking up from here. The music is heightened and he’s moving faster and faster. He’s running up this water fountain, and though his dog is trying to protect him, he’s still running up the water fountain. He knows he’s taking a huge risk.

It’s almost like he finally knows what he wants, and he’s racing to get it.

He sees her, and he sees that that’s exactly what he wants, and that’s how this love story really just comes together. These two people living these separate lives. They end up doing their own thing, going down their own paths, and then there’s this embrace over here.

Even though they’re sketches, the embrace says everything. The way these two look at each other, combined with the music… all of it says, “finally,” with that kiss in the end. From babies, to that, and they end up together.

The way it transitions into that one little sparkle shows so much about perspective and how small we all are in the giant universe. If we’re all this small, think of how many different stories the universe must be filled with, right? I love being reminded of perspective, and my place in the world.

Thanks everybody for listening to us. This is our commentary on “Duet.”


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