Finally getting back on track with all of my classes after the most hectic week….

We were assigned to choose a frame from “Duet,” which wasn’t easy to do because of all of the beautiful shots. I narrowed it down to this one:


The short film, Duet, was a beautiful story that showed the budding relationship between a boy and girl who have crossed paths since they were babies. The short starts off with the boy being more interested in his dog and his own adventures than the girl, and he hardly notices her. She notices him, though. She grows up on her own, embracing her passion for dance.

This particular frame is what caught my eye the most because of the profound meaning behind it. I think a big part of the short is the different paces in which boys and girls develop and mature until they’ve eventually grown up. Girls mature faster than boys in ways, especially in terms of noticing the opposite sex. This particular frame was after a shot of the boy climbing a tree, symbolizing him maturing. He climbs up and up and up, discovering all of this new territory that he feels nobody has discovered before. Then, he reaches the top, and she’s there. Waiting. She has been there the whole time. She “climbed the tree” before he did. She matured faster than he did.

The way he stops and looks at her is key. I can’t see his face, but based on his body language and the way he stops, he looks intrigued. And she looks comfortable. Like she was waiting for him the entire time. Something about this seems so romantic to me… two people truly “meeting” for the first time.

Until, she flees away in dance. She can’t make it too easy for him to catch her.


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