Top 5 Movies in 140 Characters or Less

It’s already difficult to sum up a movie with words. This was my take at trying to do it in TwitterVerse…. which means I had a max of 140 characters.












4 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies in 140 Characters or Less

  1. I like that you mentioned that we can actually take Jim Carey seriously in Eternal Sunshine. That is one of the things that makes the movie so special. Watching someone so embedded in the comedy genre take on a role like this is a privilege to Carey fans.


  2. All excellent choices. Hard to believe both ‘Garden State’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine’ were released ten years ago! The former is absolutely the ‘Graduate’ of modern day. The latter is such a beautifully told story, and at times feels like a bad trip. Jim is very natural in his role as Joel, it almost seemed like his transition from comedy to drama was seamless.


  3. You have a great taste in movies!! And I absolutely love how you incorporated hashtags and handles to emphasize the “Twitter” portion of this. The images and GIFs you chose for each movie gives us a good vibe of what kind of plot/storyline each movie has. My only suggestion would be to make the pictures bigger because some of the text is a bit difficult to read…but other than that, GREAT JOB!!


  4. Amanda,
    Very clean and elegant design. I wish the images (and gifs; was there a reason some got gifs, some got jpegs?) were a bit bigger as it forced me to either squint or to navigate away in every instance to be able to read. In this it seems I’m echoing other comments before me. This might also be an unfortunate side effect of your theme which seems to privilege a wider format than the images you’ve included here, leaving a lot of empty space on each side, but other than that this looks great!


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